Sometimes you can have a great diet and exercise routine but still not feel your best. are you experiencing feelings of fatigue, shortness of breath, numbness, or other irregular symptoms? are you struggling to lose weight? if so, you may be experiencing a vitamin deficiency. the trouble with taking vitamin supplements orally is that they can often travel through your body too quickly, meaning that you’re unable to experience their benefits for long. that’s why nu med spa offers a variety of vitamin injections to help you feel better in no time. at our med spa, we offer the following vitamin injections: b12, lipotropic (also known as mic, or the skinny shot), and glutathione.


People who have a B12 deficiency can experience a number of side effects, from nerve problems to irregular bowel movements, and even depression. While B12 occurs naturally in fish, dairy, beef, and other foods, it can still be hard to get enough of it in your diet. Getting enough B12 can be particularly difficult for those who have an autoimmune disorder, are vegan, or take acid reflux medication. The benefit of getting a B12 shot at Nu Med Spa is that it will be directly absorbed into the bloodstream, meaning that it will not have to travel all the way through your body in order to work. You’re also likely to feel more energetic and get better sleep.

Skinny Shot

Similarly to B12, Lipotropic (also known as MIC: Methionine Inositol Choline) shots include many vitamins that can be found naturally in the food that you eat. Lipotropics are important because they help you burn fat and clear toxins from your liver. When you have a deficiency in vitamins, it can cause your metabolism to slow down, making it difficult to keep fat off. With the skinny shot, Nu Med Spa can give your metabolism a boost, so you can lose weight faster.


Glutathione is unique in that it is used to treat a variety of illnesses and health conditions, including everything from glaucoma to cancer. It can even aid in the fight against alcoholism. Rather than getting this vitamin from meat and dairy, you can actually find it in many fruits and vegetables. If you’re wondering why we’re offering Glutathione injections at our med spa, it’s because it can also be used to brighten the skin and give it a clearer, more polished appearance. Not only that, but it can strengthen your immune system, so you can feel better too.

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