Come to NU med spa and experience quality, individualized care. We have a team of experts who are dedicated to providing patients with safe and effective pain relief. Our joint injections offered in thousand oaks are nonsurgical and noninvasive. Schedule your appointment today to start living your life without the constant struggle of joint pain.
Joint pain is an issue that many people face over time. when you’re in pain, it’s hard to complete everything on your to-do list. This pain can have a variety of causes, from sports injuries to aging and everything in between. Sometimes the pain can be so great that you’re unable to continue your usual activities or properly complete the physical therapy required to improve your range of motion long term. If you suffer from joint pain and find that you are unable to handle it through regular pain medication or physical therapy exercises, ask our team at nu med spa in thousand oaks about the joint injections we offer.
Our joint injections are steroid injections that are made up of an anesthetic and a corticosteroid. They can be injected directly into any joint, even if it’s as small as your wrist. When administering joint injections, our specialists in thousand oaks use the latest technology to ensure that the medication is injected into the most effective area. While patients may feel a little sore after the treatment, most of them are able to return to their usual routines by the next day. Although joint injections do not permanently heal damaged joints, they can give patients much needed pain relief that lasts for several months, and enables them to continue their physical therapy treatments. These shots are also known to provide relief to patients who suffer from bursitis, tendinitis, gout, and various forms of arthritis.

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